Even more silk icons!

10th September 2005

The feedback on the silk icons was totally unsuspected in volume, but nevertheless thoroughly warmed my cockles. Thanks for everyone who linked, blogged about, delicious'd, or insulted me in spanish about them, and much thanks to the people who have started using them in some (pretty good looking) websites and web applications. Thats what they exist for, of course.

Anyhow, without further ado, I am releasing the next version of the Silk icons, the shockingly titled ‘Version 1.1’. Now containing exactly 500 smexy icons. Here comes a small preview of some of the new icons:

Icon sample: Paint can Icon sample: Database connect Icon sample: Book Icon sample: Bell Icon sample: Briefcase Icon sample: Clock Icon sample: Code tag Icon sample: Palette script Icon sample: Bug link Icon sample: XP terminal window Icon sample: Databse server Icon sample: Edit table Icon sample: Save table Icon sample: Computer Icon sample: Brick/Module

Sorry to everyone who suggested an icon which I havn't got around to making yet, keep your eyes peeled. More information about the silk icon set (and download link)