Another 212 Silk icons

4th October 2005

The free icon set has been getting pretty consistent downloads for a while, and with 500 of the little things, its not too hard to guess why. Of course, that hasn't stopped you talented and hungry developers asking for yet more icons, and who am I to refuse? In between buying a swanky new iPod nano, and lying in bed feeling rather ill, I have been trying (moderately hard) to satisfy your every icon need.

Now with over 700 icons, and including such oft-requested icons such as: users in suits, zoom icons which are not so horrifically ugly, media player buttons, and file type icons (amongst others). Here comes ‘Version 1.2’. It even has little browser icons. Hooray!

Icon sample: Empty drink glass Icon sample: Hourglass delete Icon sample: Green tag Icon sample: Expand sidebar Icon sample: Tile view Icon sample: Page Icon sample: PHP page Icon sample: Internet Explorer icon Icon sample: DVD Icon sample: Align left Icon sample: Bold text Icon sample: Numeric list Icon sample: Delete group Icon sample: Play button Icon sample: Soccer ball

Silk icon set