famfamfam.com is the website of Mark James, a web developer from Birmingham, UK.

This website has not been updated in a while. Try my twitter, or wait for the site refresh!


While I try to read & answer all questions people ask, the volume of enquiries can be often be a little overwhelming — some questions may receive no response, a particularly short message or there may be quite a delay before you receive a response.

If sending me a message regarding icon licencing, please don't expect a response if you ask ‘I'm using your Silk icon set and linking to you from a footer/credits page, is this OK?’ (the answer is yes), if you wish to ask “Do the Flag/Mini icons sets need attribution or a link” (the answer is no – both sets are public domain), or if you wish to ask “Do the icons come in larger sizes?” (Unfortunately not, wysiwyg).

I am not available for freelance design & development work.

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